Posted on 18-Feb-2018 ♾

💫 2018 RE-LAUNCH of ZEANE♾

04-Jun-2018 – 04-Jun-2018

Please standby >> We are currently in the process of consolidating the dominion of ZEANE♾corporate into a single functioning multi faceted business unit.

Thank you for your patience whilst we work tirelessly to bring you our NEW interactive web experience ~ (Launching on April 15th 2018!!)

🔘🔘🔘🔘 🔘🔘🔘 🔘🔘 🔘

The dominion of ZEANE♾ is a registered & fully licensed digital voice and data solution provider, that specifically focuses to simplify and actually "Make IT work!"

Where ever our modern society is calling from. Be it down town on the city streets, or even out in the country on the vinyards and farms. We are here to offer our specialized assistance:

🔘Technology Consultancy Services.
🔘 Google HOME Infrastructure development.
🔘 Google MAPs & Local-Guide Support.
🔘 Private Networking & Wireless Fibre SP.
🔘 Systens Security & Online Maintenance.
🔘 Advanced-Level Network Design.
🔘 SMART Technology Integration.